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Benefit Booklet 2023

Download the comprehensive Napotel 2023 Benefit Booklet, for all the information on the benefit structure as well as the procedures of the Fund. 

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Frequently Asked Questions



  • Full time employees of Namibia Post Limited, Telecom Namibia Limited and Namibia Post and Telecommunications Holdings Limited and their dependents may, if they so choose, become members of the Fund


In terms of the Rules of the Fund the following persons can be registered as dependents of a member:

  • One spouse of a member legally married or married according to custom, who is not a member of another medical aid fund, or does not have access to any other medical aid fund;
  • Any minor child (including any stepchild or legally adopted child) of a member and the member’s spouse, who is not self-supporting;
  • The minor grandchildren of a member, if the member is the legally appointed guardian of such grandchildren.
  • The child of member over the age of twenty one (21) who is a full time student at a registered institution until the maximum age of 25.
  • A dependent of a member over the age of 21, who suffers from mental or physical defects and who is not a member or a dependent of any other medical aid fund.


1. When to Claim?

  • In terms of the fund rules, all claims should be submitted within (4) four months from the date of treatment for payment.
  • Any claim submitted after four months will be rejected as a late submission. It remains the core responsibility of the member to ensure that their claims are submitted in time

2. How to claim?

  • Please provide your membership number when receiving medical services. To ensure that the Healthcare Provider provides the correct details on the claims.

Hospital Pre-authorization

In terms of the Fund rules, all in-hospital procedures must be pre-authorized prior to admittance. The purpose of pre-authorizations is to ensure that costs are monitored, and that membership and benefits are confirmed. Upon applying for authorization, members will be issued with a reference number and also be assisted with any queries they may have with regard to the condition or the procedure for which they are being hospitalized.

In which cases should I obtain Pre-Authorization?

Pre-Authorization should be obtained for the following cases:

  • All in-hospital procedures and treatments.
  • Out of Hospital Surgical Procedures
  • MRI/CT Scan – In & Out of Hospital

When should the Pre-Authorization number be obtained?

  • All pre-authorizations, except emergencies, should be obtained prior to admittance. In cases of emergencies pre-authorization can be obtained with-in 48 hours of admission.